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Welcome Message of The School Director

Welcome to Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School

              Whenever people step inside the campus of Tolerance School, they can’t help but admire it. In a rustic environment, there stand the majestic buildings of the school, with its open space and comfortable atmosphere conducive to academic learning.

Get into the gates of FTTS and in less than a second, you get the feeling that this place has a streak of difference and uniqueness within its walls that makes it special, Look here and there, and whichever way your head turns, you see brand new facilities used for the development of the students. FTTS is a place where students are honed to their greatest potential not only with the new technologies and facilities available, but through the love and care of the teachers as well. With the use of books from here and abroad, it provides an advanced way of learning for the students. Not only do Filipinos teach in the school but teachers from Turkey as well. And who says learning is no fun? The school has different activities throughout the school year to give students a break and a breathing room from the lessons in different subjects. Picnics, social section activities and educational tours are undertaken.

A highly significant event in the existence of the school took place on September 24, 2012 in the International Conference on Peace Building Through Education held at The Times Center in New York, USA which was jointly sponsored by Fountain Peace Island Institute, Alliance Shared Values, Yale University, Bruch College, New York Institute of Technology and Quinnipiac University, a Plaque of Recognition was awarded to FTTS in recognition of extra-ordinary stewardship of friendship and peaceful co-existence dedication and contributions to peace building through education in an unflagging championship of cultural harmony. The plaque was given to the Secretary of Education, Bro. Armin A. Luistro who attended the conference. Two months later, on November 24, Secretary Luistro came to Zamboanga City to visit this school for the official turnover of the plaque to Mr. Mustafa Yasin Ayildiz. The award was unexpected but it made us realize that the school’s vision and mission were nobly achieved on the 15th year of its operation.

School year 2017-2018 is the 21th year of the school’s existence and it is still growing stronger in its mission and vision of moulding boys and girls from diversified culture and faith into enlightened citizens with strong values, faith and dedication in helping our nation and the world in minimizing the perceived prejudices, biases, hatred and distrust through tolerance and service. The goal of the school is to make our students highly competent and competitive to bring honor and prestige not only to Zamboanga City but also nationally and internationally. As our motto says, Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School: “where love, concern, and success meet”. In the Turkish language it runs: SEVGININ, ILGININ, VE BESARININ BULUSTUGU YER”