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Requirements for Admission: 

  1.    Birth Certificate
  2.    Report Card- Form 138(For Transferees)
  3.    Certificate of Good Moral Character / Letter of Recommendations
  4.    Colored I.D. pictures 4 copies 1×1 / 2×2
  5.    Special Student Permit(SSP)(*)
  6.    Photocopy of Passport(*)


  1. maricor saradat

    assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa batakatuhu…
    just want to ask about the admission and fee… when is the opening admission for a new student (grade1)? can we make reservation for the incoming slot in grade1? my son (Abdul Aali Hamza) is going to 6yrs old this coming july…He finish his KG class at Noble Indian kindergarten (doha,qatar)…
    please let me know in details the procedures and rules upon enrolling and reservation… shukran

  2. Naneth(Yasmeen)Perez

    Asalaamualaikum!my daughter is currently studying here in Australian school in Dubai,I am olanning to transfer her next school year,what will be the requirements?shukran

  3. Assalamualaikum. I have 3 children. Grade 4,2 and pre school. How much if I enrol them for next year? How much the admission? How much monthly per child?

  4. Wa alaykumusslam, we do not gave any fix amount of tuition fee and miscellaneous for the upcoming school year, but we will keep you updated Sir/Maam. Thank you :)

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