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In Philippine education, preschool/kindergarten is a requirement before pursuing in grade school or what we call the elementary level. Luckily, in Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School, we are offering what we call the prerequisite level before facing the 1st grade in elementary. We are accepting children at the age of 5. Kinder 1 session is offered in the afternoon, while Kinder 2 is in the morning. The subjects offering are English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, Computer and PE, which designated by different teachers and 40 minutes for each subject.DSC_0271

The kindergarten room is air-conditioned; rubberized flooring with a maximum of 25 students since we believed that limited number of children may contribute into a successful learning environment.

We believe that every child has its own sense of creativity, however to support this, we are sustaining activities that would help boost their whollistic talents, may it be singing and dancing, drawing/art,  writing, reading, etc.

We are having monthly activities that are in line within the school calendar. In the beginning of the school year last June, we celebrated the Nutrition Month on July, August for Buwan ng Wika, September for Science Month, and the latest is October for the United Nations Month.

We are proud to say that the Kindergarten department was actively participating to those said activities.

We also believe in the significance of being creative since this can pave the way in expressing themselves. We encourage creativity recognizing children for their unique skills and being able to develop closer relationships with children.

The children were enjoying during the first week in getting to know their classmates until they were used to in the classroom environment and routinely activities. In line with every activity in school, kindergarten children were also vigorous in participating in each event. They had a fashion show for the “Buwan ng Wika”. On the other hand, children were also set in giving intermission number/s. In support with this, Kinder 2 female children were given a chance to showcase their talent in dancing entitled “Pearly Shell”.

Kiddie sports fest is an annual event, which usually held every February, especially made for the kindergarten children which they can enjoy the parlor games and meet new friends from different schools. FTTS invites schools that has a preschool department, with their assigned teachers and parents, to join and discover the talent of being physically active of their child.





  1. good day! i want to enroll my child in your school. Kinder 1 but she is still 4years old 8 months by june.. Sa october pa sya mag 5 years old.. Pwede po ba? and if its ok with you,kindly give me details/tuition fees for kinder 1.. thanks

  2. jazeera treuvey

    Good day ma’am. I was plannning to transfer from Southcom NHS to Tolerance, I asked some of my friends if you still accept transferees but all of hem asnwer i dont really know. so i just wanna ask if you still accept transferee. if you still do, kindly give me the requirements and miscellaneous here because I cant find it in the internet. Oh , and I almost forgot… I am an alleged grade 9. Shukran and good day!

  3. ADZMAR Abdulhadi JALISAN

    Dear gentleman and gentlewomen, I would like to ask a requirements for transferee as 2nd year high school and elementary. Kindly please give me a feedback as soon as possibles Thank you all

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