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The Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School has provided many facilities for the good of its students. They have built a friendly environment for everyone, boys and girls alike. These are and were always for the students’ happiness and future. We have been a witness of this and we have shared the pleasure of it.
Dormitories are known as somewhere where we can be independent, but the school didn’t only teach how to be independent but also how to be responsible. Our dormitory is nothing like any dormitory you might know, for it has a fixed schedule daily. It has “Abi(s)” or ‘kuya(s)” that help their students and meet with them occasionally. The Abis are the supervisors of the students, selected supervisors with selected students. The dorm has a two-hour study time which helps students to have a study habit and every Wednesday we have our reading time for more knowledge, the books are provided by the Abis. Every second Thursdays, we have a movie time where the students and the supervisors watch a good movie together. Mornings, Abis wake the students up for their classes. 8am to 3:20pm we have our classes and 3:20pm to 6pm they can have their fun time in the campus and also their dinner at that given time, then are study would be 7pm to 9pm.
For many years the school provided dormitory for boys and now they did their best and succeeded to have a dormitory that is mainly for girls. Freedom doesn’t always give happiness. Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.
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