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International Cambridge Curriculum

International Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge International Curriculum spans both primary and secondary years.
From ages 5-14, the Cambridge International Curriculum focuses on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

The Cambridge International
Curriculum (CIC) is based on a set of common principles underpinned by the best educational and assessment practice. It is international inits outlook and commitment.
CIC is based on:
• Quality and coherence delivered through the curriculum
• Guaranteed assessment standards
• High quality resources
• Training and professional development
• A partnership approach

Assessment is set within a multipurpose and flexible framework, a creative combination of formative and summative assessment. That framework includes a comprehensive package of support for teachers and learners. It includes detailed schemes of work and exemplar lesson plans with defined learning outcomes, resources to support teaching and learning (and not just textbooks), teacher training, and teacher professional development. CIC provides a positive educational experience for all students, harnessing assessment as a tool for monitoring progress and adapting teaching to the needs of individuals.

The Cambridge International Primary Program gives schools a framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills and knowledge in young children. It allows teachers to assess learning as students progress, with annual progression tests and analysis tools that allow teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses within
subject areas. At the end of the course, an Achievement Test allows student progress to be recorded and benchmarked.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary  Program follows the same pattern. It provides a coherent core around which schools and teachers can construct the programs that best suit their own students. Cambridge Checkpoints a test to help teachers evaluate continued progress, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and assess the readiness of students to embark on international qualifications like Cambridge IGCSE.
Cambridge IGCSE is internationally recognized and suitable for schools worldwide. Cambridge IGCSE brings out the best in students and develops successful learners through a skills-based approach to teaching and assessing.
Cambridge International A Level is one of the most respected qualifications around the world and accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide. Cambridge International A Levels offer a flexible course of study that gives students the freedom to select the combination of subjects that is right for them.


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