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United Nations Culminating

October 24 known as United Nation Day, was joyfully celebrated at FTTS with the theme: “Healthy Soils for a Healthy Life”. Grade school pupils were dressed in colorful costumes of different nationalities which made the program very colorful. Parents were present to witness the participation of their children. Some numbers featuring the agencies of the UN and its accomplishments were so enlightening for the pupils and students.
The winners in the contests received their prizes with joyful hearts. They were as follows:

Winners of the United Nations Activities (Grade School)

Coloring Contest
1st- Jazeera shanti sarapuddin (grade 1)
2nd-Abdel rauff julhari (grade 2)
3rd- Angel Marianne Enriquez(grade 2)

Poster-Making Contest
1st-(grade 3)Fatima ranee Abduhasan/Zeyed yusef Tan/Abdel rahman julhari
2nd-(grade 4) John Drake Tagavilla/Rafsan mansul/Rayyan jajurie
3rd-(grade 3) Zyihad Tuelete/Raiyan Athathi/Sherika panawalun

Quiz Bee (grade 1 and grade 2)
1st-(grade 2) Fharniza paraji
2nd-(grade 2) Abdel salam apion
3rd-(grade 1) Mayyada athathi

Quiz Bee (grade 3 and grade 4)
1st-(grade 4)John drake
2nd-(grade 4)Athea nooh
3rd- (garde 4)Anisa apion
4th-(grade 3)Sherika panawalun

Quiz Bee (grade 5 and grade 6)
1st-(grade 6) Kabuniang liwayway
2nd-(grade 6)Vann Louis
3rd-(grade 5)Zsamier Roosevelt

Winners of the United Nations Activities (High School)

Poster Making
1st -(9 Einstein) Denzel Anthony P. Barretto
Nadzmie M. Andaman
2nd-(8B) Adawiya Mansul
Arcziel Roosevelt
3rd-(9 Mendel) Gerome Atilano
Abdulhakim Ali

1st- Michiyo Abdurahman
2nd- Naeemah Apion
3rd-Jehan Gunao

Naming Flags & Capitals

1st- Mike Bryan Jamasali

2nd-Haley Osment Napalcruz

3rd- Fradzkyne Roosevelt

Grand Quiz Bowl
1st- Farhana Abubakar
2nd-Denzel Anthony p. Barretto
3rd- Cesar jipani

1st- 7-A

2nd- 9-Mendel

3rd- 10-Aristotle

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