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Love Drive Culminating


Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School Conducted Love drive. sharing food and blessings to the least fortunate… It is our desire to give hope to children and families around the world by giving them the nourishment they need to make it through another day. We’re also helping children with basic education and sharing.Some children who come to our centers have experienced the nightmare of neglect and abuse. Others are loved but forced to work due to extreme poverty. Still others come from homes with parents who are physically disabled or who make their living by prostitution. In fact, for many young girls, the care and education they receive at our feeding centers are the only things that stand between them and a similar fate.

FTTS It is in places like this and so many others around the world where we know it is our obligation, and yet great privilege, to step in and provide nourishing meals. It’s one of the most basic necessities of life, yet many don’t have access to simple things like rice and beans.
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